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Application and infrastructure design is the single most important task an organization can do during its product lifecycle. Robust design is of utmost importance for the success of an Adobe Marketing Cloud practice. We have seen many organizations falling into the trap of non-scalable applications and infrastructure due to inadequate design. Application reusability is very low, which causes increased development cost and time.

Organizations too often find themselves, despite their best efforts to make use of Adobe Marketing Cloud Tools, not getting results that are tangible and actionable. They are not able to find the right data from Analytics to determine what it will take to increase their conversation rate and how can they improve their other focus areas of brand awareness, engagement, retention, etc.

We have extensive experience in designing Adobe Marketing Cloud applications and stack infrastructure. We can help design your AEM applications so that it is scalable and reusable. We can design the processes and workflows that will increase the application and authoring efficiency. We can design your Target implementation so that you get the results that have direct correlation with your ROI. We can put Analytics implementation in place that can be translated into actionable tasks for your brand engagement and conversion. We can design your Audience Manager implementation to reach to the right segments of your target population and compliment the Adobe Target and Analytic implementation.

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