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There are several facets of Adobe Marketing Cloud technology. Navigating through these requires expertise and a deep understanding of the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite and not just one tool. We can help you navigate these from the big picture perspective to the smallest of the implementation details. We can help you answers questions like this and many more:


  • Should you use AEM authoring with other marketing tools like Target, Analytic, etc.?
  • Are you better off integrating with your existing non-Adobe CMS authoring technologies?
  • Does it make sense for you to use AEM Dynamic media?
  • Is your Adobe Marketing Cloud infrastructure optimized?
  • Why is my application response slowing down after every release?
  • Do your Adobe Marketing Cloud processes and governance make sense or is there room to optimize?
  • What Adobe Target tests make sense to achieve your ROI?
  • Are you taking full advantage of Audience Manager capability?
  • Are you capturing and looking at the right data and reports in Analytic for brand awareness and conversation?
  • How can you lower your abandon rate and improve the conversion rate?


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